Proper training is an essential part of good and responsible animal care. As a professional Dog Trainers in the South Yorkshire area, We worked with all sorts of different animals and their owners. All our animal training services are designed to give your pet the individual attention, structure and care they need to become the best they can be.







Agression, resource guarding, anxiety and more

If your dog is agresssive, guarding, anxious, fearfull or reactive, we have the remedy you need to turn your dog around into the perfect companion. 

We are not afriad of your dog, and you shouldn't be either. 

We can show you step by step how to make your dog a calm and balanced pet with none of the drama.

Sit, Stay, The works.

Sometimes we can want too much too soon, and our dogs get lost or stuck in learning diferent comands and tricks. 
Here at In-Line K9, we can turn your furry friend into the master showman in easy to follow and fun training plans and appointments. 
Youll be in the obedience trials before you know it!

Not always "all bark and no bite"

Looking to start the world of bite work? maybe working towards an NASDU qualification with you and your canine? No worries! In-Line K9 can show you how to profesionally train and work your dog to the best standards. 

Be aware that not all dogs are a good fit for this kind of work, but dont worry, we will let you know, and we can always find alternative working sports that may be a better fit for you both! 



Dog Walking on a Sunny Day



Training the most helpfull companion

Sending your pooch to a board and trian to become a service animal can set you back thousands! Which isnt always afforadble for those who need it the most. 

If you're willing to put the time and effort into training yourself, but just dont know where to start, just let us know and we will guide you from begining to end with our easy to follow plans and appointments.

Need some time to yourself?

As well as training, we are more than happy to walk clients dogs for them if they are not able, or just need some quiet time to relax. 

Just let us know how long for and we will handle the rest! 

Board and Train Programme 

Here at In-Line K9 - board and train vacancies are available to the right candidates, under the right circumstances. 

Sometimes a board and train may be the best option for some of our clients and their pet, and that's okay! 

If this is something you are interested in, please let us know via our contact form, email, text, call or via facebook messaging. 

Board and train