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Wonder Dog Event

date: Undecided (spring 2023)

Time: undecided

Location: Undecided (South Yorkshire)

Price: £15


Ever wondered if you dog had what it took to become a working protection dog? 

Have you ever thought about trying out bite sports but not sure where to start or where to go?

Why not come along to our Wonder Dog event and find out. 

Speak to professional dog trainers, enter your dog in the group asessment, make friends with likeminded people, or just tag along for the food and four legged friends!


If protection or bite sports is not your cup of tea, this event is still a great space to refine and perfect obedience skills around intense disractions. 

This event will also include refreshments, food, equiptment stalls and treat vendors as well as some friendly and fun competitons to win some ribbons and prizes! 

Entry fee to be paid in advance or at the door. 

Event rules:

- For health and safetly reasons, and the nature of the event, no children below the age of 18 will be permited entry. 

- Each dog must be acompanied by an adult handler/owner. 

- All dogs must be leashed at all times unless permitted otherwise 

- Respect each dog and handlers personal space. Do not interact with other dogs without consent from the owner/handler

- Please pick up your dog mess! if you dont have a bag, ASK. Someone will have one, and event staff will have one on hand just incase. If you are found to have left your dog mess, there will be a charge.

- If your dog is posing a risk to staff, guests or other dogs, you may be asked to leave the event.

- Every dog, every breed, and every person is welcome. Anyone causing arguments, shaming or descriminating, will be removed from the event and blacklisted.

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