Handmade, waterproof and lightweight dog collar that proviodes a clear level of control and communication. 

Do not use this product without professional guidance and instruction.


Durable long lasting nylon long line. 

Perfect for teching your dog recall and other obedience skills without the risk of them getting loose, running away or putting themselves in harms way.


 This tactical dog collar is made of double layer nylon webbing and zinc alloy buckle, it is scratch resistant and durable. The soft lining prevents rubbing the dog's fur.

If youre tired of not being avble to trust your collar, this is thye one for you.


If your dog is a natural at backing out of normal collars, a martingale or half check is what you may be needing. 

while tension is added to the collar, the half check allows the collar to tighten, making it unable to slip back over the head, and kees your dog safely on leash.


This training leash is made with 2 trigger clips allowing for 2 points of connection and also allows for multiple leash lengths.

Made from lightweight, extremely durable and water resistant nylon webbing, this strong dog Lead is great for extended use during every season and is great for medium to large sized dogs.

**All of these products have been tried and tested by In-Line K9**