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Kick-Ass Puppy Package

If you and your dog has what it takes, the Kick-Ass puppy package is made for you! 

If its Bite sports, Personal Protection or even detection and scent work, this package has eveything you could need. 

A one off payment for this package covers a years worth of 1-2-1 training us. 

Thats right, a full 12 months of tailored training plans and sessions made just for you. 

You will recieve a digital and printed training pack for each topic, as well as be supplied with all the equiptment you will need to thirve on your new training journey.

This package isnt just for puppies though! - Any age dog can participate so long as they are physically and mentaly capable of keeping up with the training. 

Any person who is interested in taking out this package, must first have their dog asessed to make sure they have the right drive and attitude to succeed - This assessment is not included in the package price.